My Prom Dress Design

My Prom Dress Design

As some of you may or may not know I would like to be a fashion designer/ photographer one day. I have a few sketchbooks filled with designs and I have a few design books as well. I have been into art since I was a little girl but it wasn’t till the 8th until I realized I wanted to go into fashion. I know a lot of people stereotype people who like this area of art- and so did I. But the older I got the more I loved it.
I like the art of design.
Not throwing on a crop top and booty shorts. That is not fashion to me. Fashion to me is taking an item of clothing and turning it into art.
Anyone can throw on clothes and call it fashion. It takes a real artist to take THAT fashion to a whole new level. I appreciate a design house like Chanel or Alexander McQueen or even those tiny, unknown designers that no one knows about because they take clothes to the next level. As much as I love some of Miley Cyrus’ s music and her wanting to be her own person besides Disney mania, I don’t like her clothes. I still think women should dress like women. No woman wants to see another woman half naked. Seriously.

The dress in the picture on the doll is the replica of the drawing of the dress. This was my first attempt to make an example of one of my ideas. I love the fabrics coming together to form a fan shape on the middle of the stomach because it is an added decoration that pulls the dress together. The gold leaf-like material reminds me of the crowns that Romans wore a long time ago. I think this dress would make a girl like a goddess in it. The white satin material complements the pearls as well as the gold because it isn’t stark white.
I really love this project that I did as well as designing the dress. (I have scribbles all over the paper just like any other artist, even if you can’t see them. Lol)
So ladies, from a 16 year old who doesn’t dress like Miley, please cover up.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
XX Corinne


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