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imageTrend Setters

The internet is filled with a vast amount of pictures and illustrations everywhere you turn. I came across a website that had illustrations that I thought were very cool. These two pictures have a very 60’s feel to them. Twiggy would have rocked those bottle cap glasses very well. I receive Teen Vogue monthly and I think it would be cool if this front of the issue was a sketch and not a picture of some celeberty. Celebrities are always considered the trend setters of the fashion world but I think it would be cool if the magazines used design sketches by fashion designers.
I consider my sense of style to be bohemian/60’s themed mixed with what we consider “hipster”. I adore over sized tye-dyed t-shirts, tribal patterns, long flowy skirts, daisy patterns, and tons of friendship bracelets. The illustration with the blue jacket is something I would wear to Coachella.
I am also considered a modern feminest. I believe women can do anything and that we should do more to improve the world. I believe that there are many empowered women of our time but that we should not stop that trend of empowerment.
I also believe that we are equal with men. We are neither above or bellow men. Period. (No pun intended?)
Any way (sorry for that tangent), I feel that normal, everyday people should set the trends of fashion because we are the people who wear them everyday. Meat dresses, foam hands, and grills should not be considered trendy. I see no one walking walking around in these items. These are Halloween costumes.
We all have a style that we wear whether to work, school, date, running arrands. We should wear what defines us. What shapes us as a person. These clothes can make us or break us.
See more illustrations here:
XX Corinne


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