Disney Short Film: Paperman

Disney Short Film: Paperman

This has got to be one of the cutest Disney “film” ever. I am not normally Disney-crazy but this film has the power to do so!
It begins with a young man standing on the train loading station waiting for his train to come. A paper flies onto his face and a young woman runs by chasing it. She catches it and comes to stand next to the man. His name is George and hers is Meg. A paper escapes from his folder that he is holding and flies into her face. When he pulls it away there is a lipstick mark on the paper. She leaves on the train and watches as the train pulls away.
We then see him sitting in his office doing paper work. He looks out the office window and finds the woman in the building across the street. George takes his paper work and and makes them into paper planes. The planes fail to make it to her. She leaves her building and he chases after her. He can not find her so the paper planes seem to come alive. They try to pull the young man to the woman. The paper with the lipstick mark finds her and leads her toward the man. Both get on trains and meet at the crossing. In the credits you see them sitting in a dinner with the paper between them.
I love this short film because it isn’t to cheesy. It combines 1950’s feel with modern animation. I love the concept of paper planes bringing them together. If only this happened in real life.<3
Link to the film below:
XX Corinne


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