Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer style is the best style! Crop tops, tribal prints, shorts, wavy hair, and music festivals- the styles are endless. I can not wait till summer!
I’m predicting that beach styles will be the big thing this summer. At my job they promoted me to head lifeguard and swim team coach so unfortunately I will be wearing a uniform most of the time so I will be taking every chance to dress down. My favorite outfit is in the picture with crop top and lace shorts. For our family vacation we always go to Florida so these will definitely be in my suitcase.
I really want to go to a music festival this summer! What are the best music festivals to go to? Are there any in Florida during June?
Cody Simpson “Surfboard” is definitely going to be my summer anthem. I love the beat of the song as well as the lyrics. Going to Cali is on my bucket list before college.
What are some music tunes you will have on repeat?


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