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Hey guys! I have been so busy in the past few days getting ready for finals coming up in the next week. A couple of days ago I ordered a poster from Etsy with the lyrics of Birdy’s song “Skinny Love”. I absolutely love this song! Oscar Daniel Dubstep Remix is probably the best remix I have heard in a long time. The poster sits right next to my bed and it looks so good!
The elephant is a Roget I worked on in art class last week, called a Batik. You draw a design on cotton fabric then you outline the design in wax. Dye is then used to color the design. Most designs I have found are natural scenes. I had a lot of fun making this project.
I love writing in my diary because it’s not really a diary. I can paint water colors, create collages, sketch drawing, write my feelings, anything. I’m not good at writing daily paragraph after paragraph. I would rather draw my thoughts. I encourage everyone of finding a way of getting thoughts out. My brain runs and runs and runs and putting my thoughts on paper helps me to sleep and get them out.
Who out there has a diary?
XX Corinne


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