The Beauty

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For my final exam for my AP exam I can write a paper about religion vs. nature. And this is some of what I have to say on the matter
The beauty of life is very extraordinary. Not everyone can see the beauty in life. As humans we have a responsibility to protect nature. If you have a religious indication then you may know that God made the land before he made man. We are here to protect the creatures and the plants. We also have the right to move forward in technology but to what extent does that go to? Why do we as humans stomp around because we are the most powerful? If there was a more powerful force in the world besides us we would be in natures place. We would be praying to be saved and protected. We don’t teach our kids to protect nature. If you plant a seed of knowledge in the fertile mind of a child you will grow a tree of knowledge because after all “knowledge is power”. Children of this generation can either make us or break us. Our children and our children’s children will have to fend for themselves because our generation only thought of greed and products. Yes, material is out there to make a profit but is that profit always worth it? We have the resources to be ecofriendly but all we see is the expense. What about the expense when there are no resources?
I could talk about this issue for a long time. What are your thoughts on religion vs. nature?
XX Corinne


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