The Dread

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As a girl I know the dread of buying a new bathing suit. One bathing suit fits to big or to small. The top won’t cover enough. The bottom is to baggy. Ugh, the torture of just stepping out of the car and knowing you won’t find the right one. The mirrors in the dressing room don’t make you look any better either. You either have to pay to much just for it to fit or to little and it’s gone in one month. Our body image affects everything we do. How we hold our selves, what we buy, what we say. Self confidence is the one thing most females struggle with. Most of us have had a meat head come up to us and say something about our body. But honestly there comes a point in your life when you have to stop caring about what someone says. Our body is what most of our life revolves around as a woman. Our body determines whether we get a job, if our favorite top will fit us, or if our crush will date us. Society is the most controversial thing. It says love your body but only if you look a certain way.
I’ve learned one thing in life: If you feel beautiful then you are beautiful. All you can really do is eat healthy(most of the time 😉), workout, and pick clothes that flatter your figure. You can’t change the way you were born. It is my opinion that God didn’t find anything wrong with you when he made you.
XX Corinne


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