Empowering Women With Julep

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I love Julep nail polishes! They have very bright colors and they look so pretty to bring out people’s skin color.
You’re probably thinking, “People’s skin color? How how can skin color be brought out by nail polish?”.
Have you ever noticed how some people can wear any color and get away with it? There are some people who want a certain color to work for them but it just doesn’t. I have been told that I should wear more pinks and reds. Orange and green would look strange on my nails mainly because of my blonde hair and red cheeks. This summer I want to get some pastel colored nail polish. But come fall I want to get some of these sparkly nail polish from Julep. They also have a cool story about their brand! Two women met each other to become friends and then later partners in the very trendy brand together. A percentage of the sale goes to organizations to help empower women! I love a brand/company with a cause. Nail Polish is a very girly thing and if you can help other women with a product, the better!
What is your favorite color for nail polish?
XX Corinne


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