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Rihanna bared all at the CFDA Awards- literally. Boy does the woman have guts! Is that dress even legal?
Rihanna has just shown the world that she is comfortable in her body and she does not care what anyone thinks. I would love to go to the CFDA awards and see in person all the creative dresses.
Fashion has evolved from barely showing anything to showing all. I wonder what people from the Renaissance age think about our clothes today. They would probably die again if they saw this dress.
I love the “ideas” behind this dress. The Roaring 20’s look, the glitz and glam, showing that you don’t care about others thoughts, etc. But that isn’t to say I would wear that dress. I’m really glad she wore underwear. These are the most covered up pictures I could find of the dress. Go on the internet and you will find pictures that will-err- shock you maybe. Not going to lie, she looked gorgeous. Everyone is saying that this is groundbreaking in fashion, and it is. I have never seen anyone wear a dress of that style and show everything.
The only problem is that this is where kids get their idea of what is okay to wear in society. Children now think that it is okay to dress like an adult who is always in the spot light. They think that it is okay to go around exposing yourself- especially to men. It’s good to feel confident at a young age but the children of this generation and the one to come know and show more than any other. That’s a problem because kids aren’t kids and it is because of a false society that says it is okay to dress like this.
(How this post became about kids and society, I don’t know.)
Back to the point, I love the concept of the dress which is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your body.
My question is, would you wear it?
XX Corinne


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