Fun In The Sun


It’s always fun to play in the sun but sometimes to much of a good thing is not good at all! The threat of cancer nowadays is very high. I have compiled a group of things that I use when I get a sunburn.
1. Noxzema- Noxzema has a cooling agent that cools down enflamed skin. I mainly put this on my face. Many people use this to clean their face so it will help sensitive skin.
2. Clean & Clear Deep Action Clean Cleanser- This product is kind of like Noxzema but I use it in the shower. This product has a less overwhelming smell unlike Noxzema. I also use this even when I don’t have a sunburn.
3. After Burn Gel- This is when you have a burn but on your body. I use this when I don’t want to use a cream that won’t rub in. This gel has a pleasant smell that isn’t overbearing.
4. Aloe After Sun- I use this when my skin is very painful and needs to be soothed. Unlike After Burn, this product contains Aloe Vera which soothes angry skin.
*Do not put these products on open wounds, they will irritate the skin.
We all forget to put sunscreen on or don’t put one on that has enough SPF. These products will lessen the pain. Stay safe this summer!
XX Corinne


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