lol ur not harry styles




When I first bought this shirt I wasn’t feelin’ it. At the time I was infatuated with One Direction, especially Harry Styles. I bought this shirt thinking it would be cute but it fit weird when it came in. The sleeves were to tight, the stomach was to loose, the chest was to tight also. A couple of weeks ago I decided to cut the sleeves. I paired it with a skirt that I bought from Target. I love this outfit now! The material of the shirt is very soft and the skirt is very comfortable. I love soft band shirts worn with flirty skirts to get and edgy girly look. The skirts at Target are so cute! Skater skirts are really popular today because they are so comfortable but not dressy.
Shirt is from Etsy and the skirt is from Target.
One direction today is the almost equivalent to the Beatles years ago.
What is your favorite band?
XX Corinne


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