Life Of A Lifeguard


Like everyone who has a job instead of a career, I sometimes absolutely hate my job. I would much rather be sketching or reading about fashion instead of either sitting in the heat or sitting in the rain. Every job comes with things we don’t like. Being a lifeguard means:
Fighting for the chair with other lifeguards.
Losing your temper.
Miss communication with the patrons as well as other staff.
Having nosy staff members try to find mistakes in your department.
Going home with a headache.
Getting underpaid.
The stress of the potential that someone may become in distress.
Being a lifeguard at a pool gets a bad rap because people think that all lifeguards don’t pay attention. Well, I’m here to say that that’s not true.
There are also good things about my job:
You do eventually get paid.
You meet new people.
You can help people.
You meet people who may become your new best friend who also works there.
You get into the real world and see what it is like.
Like I said, I would rather be making art or designing but I could not see myself do any other job right now to make money. Standing for 5 hours is not my ideal day but it is awesome to hear people say, “Man you got tan”.
What is a job you did in high school?
XX Corinne

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