My Anger Toward Society


Yup, it has been a while since I have blogged. My life is so busy, like most people, that I have not had the time to talk. My apologies.

You, the reader, are probably wondering why I am so angry at society. My anger is boiling up inside me.
I am a feminist. Not a man hating, hairy, manly feminist. Feminism is such a dangerous word to use now a days. If you’re a feminist it doesn’t mean you can’t love fashion or boys. You can be whatever in the hell you want to be.
There is a spoken word out there on Youtube by a Muslin women she talks about “…The feminists are probably still rolling in their graves…It reduced people to parts, objects to be acquired… Stop polluting the minds of our men and our boys…These artists seem to be playing a game…Of how many times they call us the wrong name…Cuz I’m not a dime, those come a dozen…No I’m really not interested in all your lovin…I’m not your shawty, hoe, or trick…Your baby, lady, girl or chick…I mean can someone explain to me…How this counts as music?…What can she do, to ease her strife?…Every song on the radio is the soundtrack to her life”.
Feminists of our generation should be asking for equality for everyone. Now I know women aren’t the only ones being assaulted by the opposite sex. But who do you see being objectified in songs, news articles, and society the most. I’m no expert but I can infer that men keep their silence to be manly. I can’t tell you how many times I want to smack people when they say “It’s a woman thing” or “It’s a man thing”. It’s an all human thing.
The sex’s are equal. That’s all we want. Sure women’s bodies are different than men but guess what, we are the same.
I could talk feminism forever. To sum things up: Don’t you ever think to objectify women or men.
If you would like to hear the spoken word I will leave the link below:
XX Corinne

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