I Speak Drawing

I Speak For The Trees Drawing Save The Earth Pic 002 Save The Earth Pic 003 Save The Earth Pic 004 Save The Earth Pic 005 Save The Earth Pic 006

You can’t escape the earth. The earth was given to us by our ancestors, it is our duty to protect it.
I have been wrestling with this little drawing for months now. I really started to notice our world around us when I took the environmental class last year. Unfortunately my science teacher didn’t turn me into a rioting earth-fanatic but it did teach me to look around me. We all need to look around at what we do to our trees and earth.

This kind of art reminds me of Banksy art. He is an incognito artist who paints on building and other property to prove a controversial statement. Whether you like his art or not, you have to see his point behind them. I advise everyone to check out his art.
Art is a powerful way to show the truth and inspire.

Who is your favorite controversial artist?

P.S. I broke the one year mark on my blog a week ago! 🙂

XX Corinne


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