October 1st


October is the month that officially starts fall for me. It is now time for cider, boots, and wind. I hope fall in Louisiana will be cool this year. Not freezing so that you can’t grip trick or treat candy, but cool enough to were you need a sweater and boots. I heard people up north already are wearing thick sweaters and jeans! My mom started buying pumpkins September 1st so you know we love fall. Fall is so magical. It isn’t cold cold like winter but it isn’t sweltering like summer. This summer has been particularly hot this year. It has sucked. I hate the heat. Shivering is better than sweating. Fall colors are gorgeous. The ground turns red, orange, yellow, and brown from the leaves. Fall is a comforting time of the year. I hate being scared so I leave the haunted houses to my friends but other than the scare factor I love fall.
I hope to get lots of Twix candy at Halloween! 😊

What is your favorite part of Fall?
XX Corinne


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