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Good Morning everyone! Happy Sunday. For today’s blog post I decided to do tell y’all what I got up to this week.

First off, this coming week is Mardi Gras. All the schools in Louisiana get off for the week to go to parades and whatnots. For my family it just means we get a week off to spend at home. My sister when to a parade and caught a lot of beads, as you can see. To me this holiday is very boring. It is always rainy, cold, or humid. The things you catch off the floats are usually thrown away within 2 months. BUT, we do get a week off from school to catch up on sleep. Oh and don’t forget the shootings that happen in New Orleans during the parade magic. Fun stuff.

Second off, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone got lots of candy! We went to a restaurant to eat lunch then came home to a few presents. I read a cute post on Twitter talking about how a day to show love is stupid because you should show your love everyday. I believe that is true, but it can’t hurt to get that special someone a present or candy.

Third off, being a junior in highschool sucks. There is so much pressure to do well on the ACT or SAT to get into a good college. So to make my score on the ACT go up I got a book with words to help boost my vocabulary, a book to help with writing essays, and a book to help with my AP Government class. Will these actually help me? Who knows. At least I can say I tried.

Fourth off, I got sushi on Friday. I love sushi so much and it made my day so much better to have it at lunch. Everyone was drooling over it. My favorite roll is the Bang Bang Shrimp Roll from Magumi’s. Recently I have heard people discussing how our “conception” of Chinese food isn’t the real deal. Honestly I don’t care. I will still eat American-Chinese food all the same because to me, it still tastes pretty awesome. What do you guys feel, good or not good? Yes, it is very bad for you body wise, but soul wise it is very good for you. 😉

Fifth off, I’m just going to try to do my best to write and take more photos. Trying to everything is hard. Just right now I am sitting in a health club writing this blog post on my laptop. Now this is multi- tasking. Kind of hypocritical if you really think about it because I am sitting down in a health club when I should be working out. BUT, this post would never get done if I didn’t do it now.

If I go to a parade(which I doubt) I will take photos for you guys who don’t live in Louisiana so you can see all the, umm, “magic” of crap being thrown at you. 🙂

Take care. XX Corinne


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