This Week’s Clothes





It’s been a while. I just wanted to show y’all my new clothes I got for spring. I love shorts that aren’t khaki. To me khakis are very uncomfortable. Target always has cute clothes so that’s where I headed for new shorts. These are so cute, and yes they are shorts. They look like skirts so it’s a win-win, two for one! The only shirt I bought was the white lacy one.
I didn’t buy the dress recently but I just wanted to share it with you guys because it it very comfy and I like the style. It reminds me of a 1950’s dress women use to wear. The 1950’s had great styles. It was cute but modest. I don’t go for the crop tops and short-shorts. My motto is: If it is shorter than three inches from your butt cheek, don’t do it.

I was supposed to post pictures from my D.C. trip buttttt I never got to it. I’m sorry guys. BUT I will get to it. I always like looking at others vacation trip photos. Right about this time of year I really want to go to the beach. I miss the sea. I’m hoping that my senior year of high school we go to the beach for our senior trip.

I just want to thank you to all my followers thank you! I got the notification that I had 41 views today! I’m so excited! Thank you to everyone!

I want to leave y’all with a quote: “The world needs dreamers and the world needs do’ers but mostly the world needs dreamers who do.”

I hope you all have a nice day! XX Corinne


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