The 30 Day Photography Challenge

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Starting in April I would like to start something called my Daily Photo Diary. I will be partaking in the 30 day photo challenge. I feel that this will help me keep up with my blogging and daily life. It’s nice to stop and just snap a photo to share with other people.
Also, I wanted to share with you guys my prom dress! I love it!! It is a wine/maroon color which is a great color on me. The best thing? It was only $60 on Amazon!
It fits so nicely except for the fact that it goes a foot past my feet, hahaha! When buying online, always buy a size up. Yes the measurements may say it fits you, but be on the safe side. A size to big is better than a size to small. Our prom is April 25th and we are having it in a nice ballroom. The most quirky part is that with both juniors and seniors going it will only be about 23 students going but 30 in total with outside dates. We are quite small! It’s okay, we make our fun. 😊


When is everyone else’s prom?
XX Corinne


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