Daily Photo Diary: 10 & 11

Daily Photo Diary, House, Photography




Day: 10 & 11
Childhood Memory and Something Blue

I have decided to do yesterday and today, in one day. Yesterday was Childhood Memory. The picture with the Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket is one of the earliest memories that I have. My family and I would visit my grandmother and grandfather very often when they lived in Mississippi. We would sleep over at their house sometimes and I would sleep with this blanket every time we stayed . When I was around 6 or 7 my grandmother decided to just let me have it because I loved it so much; it reminded me of them because of the way it smelled. To this very day it still lays on my bed and goes on every vacation. It is very worn now and I have been trying to find a replacement so I can bring it to the menders but I can’t find one to take its place. Most parents hand things down to their children from their childhood but this is one thing I could never part with.
The last two photos are something blue. One is a fuzzy lamp and the other is a notebook. I love the lamp because it is the right size for my flower crowns. Some nights I can’t sleep so writing helps. The notebook is so cute!
Happy Sleeps! XX Corinne


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