Recent New York Trip

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Recently I went to New York for the first time for school as our senior trip. Honestly, I have always wanted to go to New York. I love the idea of fast moving paced people, fashion glamour, exposed brick studio apartments, soft lit art galleries, $1 slice pizza, Broadway, and ’20s architecture. You can find that here in New Orleans but the experience isn’t as intense. I was not disappointed. Our hotel was in the business district which was quite dreary- although the young men in nice suits livened things up. Times Square was a quick 15-20 minute walk from our hotel, which was right next to Grand Central Station. I did not bring my good camera because I was afraid I wouldn’t get through security at the airport easy enough. This was my first time on an airplane so I was very nervous, especially about my motion sickness. On our way there I threw up in my seat on the plane and in my seat on the car ride to the hotel- not my best moments. On our way home I took sleeping medicine so no hiccups there- except our chaperone kept trying to make conversation on the way home. We saw School of Rock on Broadway; great musical except for all the cursing coming from young children. MOMA was my favorite tourist experience, some of my favorite pieces of art are down below. I don’t have many pictures of Times Square- mostly because I was so overwhelmed with everything. Times Square is SO big. China Town and Little Italy offered a lot of raw street art. Dylan’s Candy Store and Serendipity definitely  satisfied my sweet tooth. When you get tired of $1 slice pizza there is always Juice Generation with fresh smoothies.

Do I see New York in my future? Maybe. 😉

XX Corinne


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