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Its been awhile again. I’ve been away due to the fact that I started going to Southeastern Louisiana University and completed my first semester last before the Christmas break. I am now on to my second semester and am feeling a little defeated. As of right now I am majoring in art with a minor in business. My last semester I was able to create pieces that I felt proud of as well as did a lot of lettering. I even won a scholarship and my professor wants to put two pieces in the student art show.


This semester I am taking Art 112 and Art 112 is all human figure drawing. I can not draw humans or portraits to save my life and now I have to spend an entire  semester drawing them!? I can not help but feel that prickling feeling of “Am I really doing the right thing?” The projects are not coming out the way I want them to and I am not enjoying the class. This is the major I want to be in so I just have to stick it out until next semester and move on. So, because I am feeling a little defeated, I have decided to upload my favorite projects from last semester. And I wanted to say hello again. 🙂 XX Corinne



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