College Life: Dorming VS. Commuting

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening wherever you are!

College is a really weird limbo to be in. You’re working toward an end goal just like in high school but now you have all this free space between your parents and time is yours for the filling. Last semester I lived in a dorm on campus but wound up commuting this semester. It got a little complicated with my roommate so coming home seemed best since I only live 20 minutes away from my University (30 if I don’t speed). I also still keep a job in the city I live in so I had to come home every other day anyway.

Commuting can be the literal worst thing ever. 8 A.M.s can be even worse. When I lived on campus I could just roll out of bed and walk to class. Now I have to wake an hour and a half early. Also, freshman can park in residential parking if they live on campus which is smack in the middle of campus. If you don’t live on campus you have to park all the way across campus. Most of us take a bus to get closer to campus classes which takes even more time due to traffic. Due to my gluten allergy I stopped going to the cafeteria after a month and just ate out of the dorm. I make my lunch and snacks at home so that I don’t get sick at school. But without the dorm now I have juggle where to eat lunch. Usually I sit in the student hangout area of the Catholic church on campus. It offers AC/Heat, outlets, comfy seats, and no crowds unlike the student center underneath the cafeteria but it can be lonely sometimes.

I have been toying around with different career choices lately. As of now I am getting a major in art with a minor in business marketing. I was curious about graphic design so I bought a book to learn more about and I still have no idea what I truly want to do.

The first picture really sums up having to balance school and working out. I have a goal to do a 10K (6.2 miles) under an hour in April with one of my best friends so I am training really hard and boy does my body feel it! How long can you stay at the gym before you have to go home to study? 1…2…3 hours?

XX Corinne






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