Daily Photo Diary 2/7/17

Let me just rap about these workout leggings for just a hot minute. The craftsmanship of the ombre(dark to light and vice versa) color blue is unlike anything I have ever seen in clothing- much less workout stretchy leggings and I have had these for about half a year. Usually I beat my leggings to shreds within a month. They don’t lose their color or design when you put them on unlike other leggings that I have worn on my thunder calves. They are high-waisted so that I don’t find my bottom half coming out during the workout. They were also made very tight to give good compression during a workout, which in itself is very good, but they suck in a little too well in certain areas, if you know what I mean. Best of all they are the super cheap brand at Academy called BCG- they were maybe $20 at best; compared to $60 leggings from Nike that are now thread-bare.

The painting on the left was featured at Southeastern’s faculty art show in the art gallery. All the other art was very stereotypical but this one stood out to me. I like to use odd materials in my art so the glitter and wood board really called to me. I also thought the colors went well with my workout outfit today. 🙂

XX Corinne


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