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When I first bought this shirt I wasn’t feelin’ it. At the time I was infatuated with One Direction, especially Harry Styles. I bought this shirt thinking it would be cute but it fit weird when it came in. The sleeves were to tight, the stomach was to loose, the chest was to tight also. A couple of weeks ago I decided to cut the sleeves. I paired it with a skirt that I bought from Target. I love this outfit now! The material of the shirt is very soft and the skirt is very comfortable. I love soft band shirts worn with flirty skirts to get and edgy girly look. The skirts at Target are so cute! Skater skirts are really popular today because they are so comfortable but not dressy.
Shirt is from Etsy and the skirt is from Target.
One direction today is the almost equivalent to the Beatles years ago.
What is your favorite band?
XX Corinne





Rihanna bared all at the CFDA Awards- literally. Boy does the woman have guts! Is that dress even legal?
Rihanna has just shown the world that she is comfortable in her body and she does not care what anyone thinks. I would love to go to the CFDA awards and see in person all the creative dresses.
Fashion has evolved from barely showing anything to showing all. I wonder what people from the Renaissance age think about our clothes today. They would probably die again if they saw this dress.
I love the “ideas” behind this dress. The Roaring 20’s look, the glitz and glam, showing that you don’t care about others thoughts, etc. But that isn’t to say I would wear that dress. I’m really glad she wore underwear. These are the most covered up pictures I could find of the dress. Go on the internet and you will find pictures that will-err- shock you maybe. Not going to lie, she looked gorgeous. Everyone is saying that this is groundbreaking in fashion, and it is. I have never seen anyone wear a dress of that style and show everything.
The only problem is that this is where kids get their idea of what is okay to wear in society. Children now think that it is okay to dress like an adult who is always in the spot light. They think that it is okay to go around exposing yourself- especially to men. It’s good to feel confident at a young age but the children of this generation and the one to come know and show more than any other. That’s a problem because kids aren’t kids and it is because of a false society that says it is okay to dress like this.
(How this post became about kids and society, I don’t know.)
Back to the point, I love the concept of the dress which is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your body.
My question is, would you wear it?
XX Corinne

Waiting For Lana


Probably one of coolest artist right now now has got to be Lana Del Rey. Her music is so different from the music that is popular right now. Everyone is infatuated by One Direction, 5SOS, Justin Bieber, etc. But I have got to say I love Lana. Her song Blue Jeans is so fresh and indie sounding. I was excited to hear her song in Great Gatsby and has become one of my flavor item movies. I think it’s time for music to stray back to the indie music. I hope Alanna comes to New Orleans again this year. Singers like Birdie, Lorde, and Lana are all about different. I also think girls should look up to females like them. A lot of young girls have people like Miley Cyrus to look up to but I must say role models like this just don’t cut it. These types of role models just aren’t real. While Miley is cool, I just don’t think she is model material. Who do you think is a new and fresh artist out there?
XX Corinne

Lost And Found

Lost And Found

There is a disease that has been spreading among young people since the 20th century. It’s called The Social Status disease. This problem occurs mainly among teen girls but it also affects teen boys and is even spreading to Tweens.
WARNING: This disease can kill.
Not only does it kill confidence, pride, and self worth, it also can kill-literally.

Over the weekend I became sick and was stuck at home. I literally can not just lay around. I have to be doing something creative. I receive Teen Vogue every month and as I was reading it I began to look at it in detail. I observed the advertisements. Looking through them I realized that a lot of the magazine was about things that put girls natural beauty down. Even those advertisements that promote “natural beauty” have a hidden message of selling a makeup product.
That is just not right. Don’t get me wrong, I love this magazine. I love smelling the perfume advertisements, looking at the mixed matched clothes, and learning about the things celebs do.
We all feel the need to buy into this Social disease. We as teens feel the need and pressure to be what society wants us to be.
We need to stop trying to be perfect. It is impossible. You can only have a few qualities that society thinks is perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be me.
I want to be kind, compassionate, caring, loving, giving, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a good daughter, a good student, a hard working person. Me. This is who I want to be.
We should spend more time being ourself than spending time trying to be a person that we will never be. That is a lost person. It’s time we find who we are.
I am average, but I would rather be a happy average then an unhappy perfect.
XX Corinne

Trend Setters

imageTrend Setters

The internet is filled with a vast amount of pictures and illustrations everywhere you turn. I came across a website that had illustrations that I thought were very cool. These two pictures have a very 60’s feel to them. Twiggy would have rocked those bottle cap glasses very well. I receive Teen Vogue monthly and I think it would be cool if this front of the issue was a sketch and not a picture of some celeberty. Celebrities are always considered the trend setters of the fashion world but I think it would be cool if the magazines used design sketches by fashion designers.
I consider my sense of style to be bohemian/60’s themed mixed with what we consider “hipster”. I adore over sized tye-dyed t-shirts, tribal patterns, long flowy skirts, daisy patterns, and tons of friendship bracelets. The illustration with the blue jacket is something I would wear to Coachella.
I am also considered a modern feminest. I believe women can do anything and that we should do more to improve the world. I believe that there are many empowered women of our time but that we should not stop that trend of empowerment.
I also believe that we are equal with men. We are neither above or bellow men. Period. (No pun intended?)
Any way (sorry for that tangent), I feel that normal, everyday people should set the trends of fashion because we are the people who wear them everyday. Meat dresses, foam hands, and grills should not be considered trendy. I see no one walking walking around in these items. These are Halloween costumes.
We all have a style that we wear whether to work, school, date, running arrands. We should wear what defines us. What shapes us as a person. These clothes can make us or break us.
See more illustrations here:
XX Corinne

Disney Challenge

Disney Challenge

In honor of Frozen being released is week:
1. Repunzel
2. Elsa
3. Prince Eric
4. Merida
5. Flynn
6. Toy Story
7. Maximus and Flynn
8. Pascal
9. Repunzel and Flynn
10. Lady and The Tramp
11. Olaf
12. Yzma
13. Despicable Me
14. Maleficent trying to kill Sleeping Beauty
15. Dory and Nemo’s dad
16. Olaf saying “Some people are worth melting for.”
17. Repunzel in the bar
18. Mother Gothel keeping Repunzel
19. Merida saving her mom
20. Fixer upper
21. Aladdin on the flying carpet
22. Toy Story
23. “Oh yes the past can hurt, but the way I see it is that you can either run from it or learn from it.”
24. Lady and The Tramp
25. Hercules
26. 101 Dalmatians
27. The Sword in the Stone
28. Brave
29. Ice Age
30. Tangled

Helping Others To Help Yourself

Helping Others To Help Yourself

It’s has been done before. The same types of blog posts about helping others around the world or in your own community. I want this one to be different.
“The best way you find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Gandhi
Today in my Environmental Science AP class we talked about hunger and Genetically Modified Crops. Our teacher showed us a TED Talk video about ending hunger. This video spoke a lot to me because of the progress of the world as well as the lack of progress. I believe in helping everyone who is in need. A lot of teens feel the same but unfortunately we are to young and inexperienced to anything- or so every adult says. When I was younger my parents were discussing something about how a person who had committed a crime should be dealt with. I said that it wasn’t up to us to administer punishment and mercy. My father then returned with “You haven’t been in the world to see enough of it”.
Is that true? I don’t think so. I have seen a lot in the world already. Mercy, compassion, caring, giving, love. There are people out there in this world that all they seen in people are those qualities and have those qualities themselves. It is lovely to see people show these qualities.
When I get older I want to travel to other countries to share these qualities with people. Everyone needs love and compassion.
I am a Lifeguard. There is a certain level of help that we bestow on people through our job. I want to show this help to other people in need.
So I leave you with something to remember. How will you make your mark on the world?
This is the link to the TED Talk:

XX Corinne

Short Hair

Short Hair

Ever heard of “Long hair, don’t care!”. EWW
(YES I am in a bathroom with purple stalls)
About a month ago I cut off about 4-5 inches of my hair and you may be think,”(Gasp) That’s a lot of hair to get rid of”. It was a lot of hair to get rid of when you think about how long some of the hair is on the girls at my school. Most girls now a days have hair going down their back all the way to their butt some of them. Now unless you are Miley Cyrus it wouldn’t be exactly normal to have short hair at my school.
BUT let me tell you something: It feels GREAT to have short. I do miss being able to put my hair in a high pony-tail but let me list out the perks of having hair that is not down to your behind.
1. Running is easier. You don’t have added weight to your body.
2. Showering takes less time.
3. You use a lot less shampoo AND conditioner.
4. You don’t get strangled at night by your hair.
5. You still look cute.
6. Your hair won’t look like dreads. After last summer with long hair I began to look like Lil Wayne.
7. Your hair doesn’t just hang there or look dull.
8. Short hair brings out your personality.
9. Boys can see your face a lot better without a mop on your face.
10. Pony-tails are adorable when they are short.
These are just a few perks of short hair that I love. If you don’t have the time to manage long hair, do a favor for yourself and cut it off. You can even donate it. BUT don’t do it unless you are completely sure you will love it.<3
XX Corinne



This up coming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we have the day off. I always look forward to these little holidays that you would get because you got a break for a day. The only thing troubling me is that when I was younger the week before a holiday we would talk about why the holiday was special. Being in elementary and middle school you would do coloring pages or watch a movie and do activities. Now that I am in high school we never talk about why a holiday was special. Why don’t we talk about it anymore? When you are younger they have to sugar coat everything but now that I am older why don’t we go more in depth? XX Corinne

Downton Abbey Season 4


Downton Abbey Season 4

Unlike most teens today I do not get into Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars or any other tv shows of that sort. But I absolutely LOVE Downton Abbey!! The 4th season if finally here in the US and will be showing every Sunday at 8pm on PBS!!!! I am so excited to see what is in store for Mary, Edith, Tom, and all the servants downstairs!-and the down trodden Rose! 🙂 XX Corinne