Things Get In The Way…

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Yup... I'm doing cheer.

Yup… I’m doing cheer.

My business card for ETSY

My business card for ETSY

My latest painting... This was a monster to make.

My latest painting… This was a monster to make.

Things get in the way of things. You can’t get away from life when it smacks you in the face. Yes, I didn’t finish my daily photo challenge. The mom on the show The Middle is basically me… I can’t finish somethings I start. Things in my life got in the way(hint: the photos at the top). The swim team I coach for started their spring/fall season, I got wrapped up in my summer day job besides coaching, I got excited for cheer at my school, I started my Etsy store, I got on E-Board on student council as artist and got all my paintings on there, created a monster painting which I will talk about later, and started senior year of highschool.

Life got out of hand( reference to my painting collection that I m currently working on). I created a collection of paintings that I named “Helping Hands”. You can find me on Etsy and Instagram in the above picture. I am very excited for this collection. It is a way for me to show relationships between hands. Some paintings are social statements while others are just things I created out of joy. The above painting ins’t on my store because I’m not ready to let it go into the world. It’s my baby that I created.

This is a poem that I started to write that I thought I would share and leave this blog post on a… funny note:

Only A Flower

by Corinne Roe

Only a flower with a yellow center

Surrounded with white petals

Laid on the dirty ground.

It sat there, wilting.

It was left by the girl

Who had been sitting on the lonely bench.

She had picked the flower

When she was walking,

Thinking about how the long day had gone.

She remembered the boys teasing her

About the way she looked.

Thoughts about how she looked

Filled her mind all day.

“Am I beautiful?”

This question echoed in her mind, rattling her thoughts.

“Why am I not enough?”

She fretted and pined till her mind was strung out.

The girl looked down at the flower.

It was beautiful to her.

Across the park she saw

A group of boys stomping on the flowers.

She realized something…

Boys are dumb.

She d




                                   s the flower.

XX Corinne


Daily Photo Diary: 5&6








Day: 6
Today is Obsession for my Daily Photo Diary. Yesterday was Easter and I decided to take a break(I actually didn’t know what to do for yesterday’s picture which was night, oops). My biggest obsession is dream catchers. I love to hang them everywhere! I have very little Native American in me but I just love the idea behind them. Your bad dreams are caught in the middle. Do they work? I’m not to sure. I’d like to think they work but either way they are just adorable. ☁️
XX Corinne

Room Decorations

2nd Download 031

Elephants, Elephant, Glorious Elephants

Elephants, Elephant, Glorious Elephants

2nd Download 035

My Aunt gave me these cross-stitch native american pictures my Great-Aunt did.

My Aunt gave me these cross-stitch native american pictures my Great-Aunt did.

Of course I have Audrey Hepburn on my wall from her movie Breakfast At Tiffany's. Breakfast At Tiffany's is one of my all time favorite movies.

Of course I have Audrey Hepburn on my wall from her movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Breakfast At Tiffany’s is one of my all time favorite movies.

I love looking at how other bloggers decorate their rooms. I only had enough time to do a part of my room and I chose my favorite part. The part of my room is next to my bed and desk and boy is it a hodgepodge of things. My favorite thing on the world is the silver framed “Come On Skinny Love Just Last The Year”. It is a lyric from the song “Skinny Love”, Birdy’s verion of the song. The two elephant decorations are presents from Max, my boyfriend. The multi hanging elephants are suppose to keep away evil spirits. The green dreamcatcher is one that I made personally. I can’t forget to mention my bed lights. In my heart it is still Christmas. Who loves my purple lights?! The pink peonies lights have been in my room forever. They are perfect at night when you don’t want bright lights on.

I have the smallest percentage of Native American in me but I still love the cross stitch. They don’t really match anything but that is one of my favorite thing about it. Audrey is my favorite actress of all time. Her beauty is timeless and elegant. Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a classic. That movie sums up life very well. I encourage everyone to watch it at least once in their lifetime. For Christmas I got a new Vera Bradley comforter. I didn’t picture it in this post but I plan to in my next Room Decoration post.

I hope y’all like this short post about my bedroom decorations! See you soon. XX Corinne

Long Time No See

IMG_1485 IMG_1440 IMG_1336 IMG_1175

Yup. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote. Life takes us in many different ways. I decided to write again because I miss it. No, this wasn’t my New Years Resolution.
The above pictures are from my Instagram account. I love taking pictures with my camera. We got a new dog for Christmas and named her Stella. She is the cutest dog ever. I got the elephant lights for Christmas and put them in my bathroom. The soft lights are better than bright lights when you wake up in the morning. Dream catchers are beautiful. This one in particularly! The purple is just lovely.

This is just a quick post and have more to come! XX Corinne

lol ur not harry styles




When I first bought this shirt I wasn’t feelin’ it. At the time I was infatuated with One Direction, especially Harry Styles. I bought this shirt thinking it would be cute but it fit weird when it came in. The sleeves were to tight, the stomach was to loose, the chest was to tight also. A couple of weeks ago I decided to cut the sleeves. I paired it with a skirt that I bought from Target. I love this outfit now! The material of the shirt is very soft and the skirt is very comfortable. I love soft band shirts worn with flirty skirts to get and edgy girly look. The skirts at Target are so cute! Skater skirts are really popular today because they are so comfortable but not dressy.
Shirt is from Etsy and the skirt is from Target.
One direction today is the almost equivalent to the Beatles years ago.
What is your favorite band?
XX Corinne

What I’m Up To




Hey guys! I have been so busy in the past few days getting ready for finals coming up in the next week. A couple of days ago I ordered a poster from Etsy with the lyrics of Birdy’s song “Skinny Love”. I absolutely love this song! Oscar Daniel Dubstep Remix is probably the best remix I have heard in a long time. The poster sits right next to my bed and it looks so good!
The elephant is a Roget I worked on in art class last week, called a Batik. You draw a design on cotton fabric then you outline the design in wax. Dye is then used to color the design. Most designs I have found are natural scenes. I had a lot of fun making this project.
I love writing in my diary because it’s not really a diary. I can paint water colors, create collages, sketch drawing, write my feelings, anything. I’m not good at writing daily paragraph after paragraph. I would rather draw my thoughts. I encourage everyone of finding a way of getting thoughts out. My brain runs and runs and runs and putting my thoughts on paper helps me to sleep and get them out.
Who out there has a diary?
XX Corinne

April/ May Favorites

My April/ May favorites

My April/ May favorites

Pink dream catcher anklet

Pink dream catcher anklet

Chance Chanel perfume

Chance Chanel perfume

Cowboy type boot and my floral rain boots

Cowboy type boot and my floral rain boots

Not Your Mothers- Beach Babe

Not Your Mothers- Beach Babe

I haven’t posted on my blog in a while because I have been so busy! The swim team I coach for started on last Monday and the YMCA pool I lifeguard for opened last Saturday. I have literally worked everyday after school. I finished up my Swim Instructor course on Wednesday so I am now officially certified! I also have my exam for my Environmental Science AP course on this up and coming Monday and I am VERY nervous.
ANYWAY, getting back to the original idea of this post, these are my April and May favorites. I already did a past post on the dream catcher but I decided to make it an anklet because the string was to long for my wrist but I still wanted to wear it. I’m going to laugh when it leaves a tan line at the end of summer. 🙂
Chance Chanel is my favorite perfume. It does not smell “old” and is very light. Chanel No. 5 is an older smell now but still is a classic. When I get older I hope to buy a Chanel Bicolor Cardigan but right now I don’t have enough money, unfortunately (they range from $1000- $5000 depending on where you buy it).
The cowboy boots were an Easter present from my mom. I’ve never had cowboy boots or anything of the kind and since I am going to a school with no “uniforms” it is a good idea to stock up on clothes early. The rain boots were an early Easter present. I love flowers and these are just adorable! I always see girls at school, on no uniform days, wearing combat boots and DocMartins. I love these because they are a cross between them and also incorporate one of my favorite things. It’s also very rainy here in Louisiana lately.
Beach Babe makes my hair very light. Most products that you put in your hair makes it feel very heavy. I love the way it smells! It smells like vanilia and cake, which is amazing!
I hope you y’all like my post! What are your favorites?
XX Corinne

Catch A Dream

Catch A Dream

Lately I have become obsessed with dream catchers. I bought a dream catcher bracelet from an online store called DarlingWarrior on Etsy. It also came with a “shooting star” bracelet. The product was packaged very sweetly and the bracelet was exactly like the picture on the web site. They come in lots of different colors and beads. They make great presents. Link to store down below.
Since getting this bracelet I have been wondering if they really work. The Indians seemed to think that they did so maybe you just have to believe.Indian is in my ancestry so maybe they may help me in my search for good dreams. I hope they do keep the bad dreams away. Even if it does not it still is an interesting piece to add to your collection of jewelry.
XX Corinne

ripe Lip Balm

ripe Lip Balm

Etsy has to be my favorite website to buy online things. It is very easy to order things and depending on the seller the product will come in very fast. One of my favorite things to buy is lip balms. I ordered this Red Velvet lip balm from a company called Ripe and I love it! It is mainly made of ecofriendly and recycled materials. If we can save a few things to reuse then I think we should. These lip balms smell amazing as well! The packaging is also very cute! I recommend these as presents or even for yourself!
XX Corinne