The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

There has been a very big enthusiasm at my school about this particular book. One of the English teachers assigned this book as the book that you read for this quarter. I had already read this book before hand. I, being an emotional reader, had already know from Wikipedia that Augustus dies(spoiler). Since it is the month of Valentines and this is a romantic novel I think it would be appropriate to give a recommendation on this book. It is an eye opening book about life after cancer. The couple doesn’t want to be pitied, especially by each other. The author, John Green, shows how a girl might feel when a cute guy likes you but you can’t see why. Hazel and Augustus bring out the good things about each other and heal each other as well. I loved this book and I recommend anyone to read it. XX Corinne


Zox Straps: Your New Favorite Wristband

imageimageZox Straps: Your New Favorite Wristband

A couple of months ago I found a company called Zox. They joke artfully done wristbands to wear and I absolutely love them!! They come in very neat packages in the mail when you order them. The wristband also comes in a “zip bag” which is like a ziplock bag but the plastic is thicker and stiffer. The wristbands themselves have very arty designs on the front of them and a different design on the inside. The wristbands are in limited edition collections so if you see one you like then you have to order it soon. The band fits nicely on the wrist or even your ankle if you prefer. Every bracelet has a meaning behind them that serve as reminders. I LOVE these wristbands so much and they make very good presents!! I strongly recommend these! XX Corinne