Rose Choker: 4/26/17

***I’m so tired and I just want school to be over, but I gotta’ take bull by the horns. Also, this is the closest I will ever come to wearing a choker. I bought this dress from Forever 21 for $12 and it is the softest dress I have ever worn. These flowers are in bloom by my house and make my sinuses want to cry.***

XX Corinne

Dress: Forever 21- $12

Choker: It was my grandmothers


College Life: Dorming VS. Commuting

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening wherever you are!

College is a really weird limbo to be in. You’re working toward an end goal just like in high school but now you have all this free space between your parents and time is yours for the filling. Last semester I lived in a dorm on campus but wound up commuting this semester. It got a little complicated with my roommate so coming home seemed best since I only live 20 minutes away from my University (30 if I don’t speed). I also still keep a job in the city I live in so I had to come home every other day anyway.

Commuting can be the literal worst thing ever. 8 A.M.s can be even worse. When I lived on campus I could just roll out of bed and walk to class. Now I have to wake an hour and a half early. Also, freshman can park in residential parking if they live on campus which is smack in the middle of campus. If you don’t live on campus you have to park all the way across campus. Most of us take a bus to get closer to campus classes which takes even more time due to traffic. Due to my gluten allergy I stopped going to the cafeteria after a month and just ate out of the dorm. I make my lunch and snacks at home so that I don’t get sick at school. But without the dorm now I have juggle where to eat lunch. Usually I sit in the student hangout area of the Catholic church on campus. It offers AC/Heat, outlets, comfy seats, and no crowds unlike the student center underneath the cafeteria but it can be lonely sometimes.

I have been toying around with different career choices lately. As of now I am getting a major in art with a minor in business marketing. I was curious about graphic design so I bought a book to learn more about and I still have no idea what I truly want to do.

The first picture really sums up having to balance school and working out. I have a goal to do a 10K (6.2 miles) under an hour in April with one of my best friends so I am training really hard and boy does my body feel it! How long can you stay at the gym before you have to go home to study? 1…2…3 hours?

XX Corinne





University Art

Its been awhile again. I’ve been away due to the fact that I started going to Southeastern Louisiana University and completed my first semester last before the Christmas break. I am now on to my second semester and am feeling a little defeated. As of right now I am majoring in art with a minor in business. My last semester I was able to create pieces that I felt proud of as well as did a lot of lettering. I even won a scholarship and my professor wants to put two pieces in the student art show.


This semester I am taking Art 112 and Art 112 is all human figure drawing. I can not draw humans or portraits to save my life and now I have to spend an entire  semester drawing them!? I can not help but feel that prickling feeling of “Am I really doing the right thing?” The projects are not coming out the way I want them to and I am not enjoying the class. This is the major I want to be in so I just have to stick it out until next semester and move on. So, because I am feeling a little defeated, I have decided to upload my favorite projects from last semester. And I wanted to say hello again. 🙂 XX Corinne


Things Get In The Way…

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Yup... I'm doing cheer.

Yup… I’m doing cheer.

My business card for ETSY

My business card for ETSY

My latest painting... This was a monster to make.

My latest painting… This was a monster to make.

Things get in the way of things. You can’t get away from life when it smacks you in the face. Yes, I didn’t finish my daily photo challenge. The mom on the show The Middle is basically me… I can’t finish somethings I start. Things in my life got in the way(hint: the photos at the top). The swim team I coach for started their spring/fall season, I got wrapped up in my summer day job besides coaching, I got excited for cheer at my school, I started my Etsy store, I got on E-Board on student council as artist and got all my paintings on there, created a monster painting which I will talk about later, and started senior year of highschool.

Life got out of hand( reference to my painting collection that I m currently working on). I created a collection of paintings that I named “Helping Hands”. You can find me on Etsy and Instagram in the above picture. I am very excited for this collection. It is a way for me to show relationships between hands. Some paintings are social statements while others are just things I created out of joy. The above painting ins’t on my store because I’m not ready to let it go into the world. It’s my baby that I created.

This is a poem that I started to write that I thought I would share and leave this blog post on a… funny note:

Only A Flower

by Corinne Roe

Only a flower with a yellow center

Surrounded with white petals

Laid on the dirty ground.

It sat there, wilting.

It was left by the girl

Who had been sitting on the lonely bench.

She had picked the flower

When she was walking,

Thinking about how the long day had gone.

She remembered the boys teasing her

About the way she looked.

Thoughts about how she looked

Filled her mind all day.

“Am I beautiful?”

This question echoed in her mind, rattling her thoughts.

“Why am I not enough?”

She fretted and pined till her mind was strung out.

The girl looked down at the flower.

It was beautiful to her.

Across the park she saw

A group of boys stomping on the flowers.

She realized something…

Boys are dumb.

She d




                                   s the flower.

XX Corinne

The 30 Day Photography Challenge



Starting in April I would like to start something called my Daily Photo Diary. I will be partaking in the 30 day photo challenge. I feel that this will help me keep up with my blogging and daily life. It’s nice to stop and just snap a photo to share with other people.
Also, I wanted to share with you guys my prom dress! I love it!! It is a wine/maroon color which is a great color on me. The best thing? It was only $60 on Amazon!
It fits so nicely except for the fact that it goes a foot past my feet, hahaha! When buying online, always buy a size up. Yes the measurements may say it fits you, but be on the safe side. A size to big is better than a size to small. Our prom is April 25th and we are having it in a nice ballroom. The most quirky part is that with both juniors and seniors going it will only be about 23 students going but 30 in total with outside dates. We are quite small! It’s okay, we make our fun. 😊


When is everyone else’s prom?
XX Corinne

What’s Goin’ On Today

OPI You're Such A Budapest Nail Lacquer

OPI You’re Such A Budapest Nail Lacquer

Breakfast: Cheese and Tomato bagel with strawberries and blueberries

Breakfast: Cheese and Tomato bagel with strawberries and blueberries, Instagram: @corinnerroe

Do you really need to pack it?

Do you really need to pack it?

Blanket I'm taking on the trip.

Blanket I’m taking on the trip.

Today my mom took us to get manicures and pedicures at the Spa. I choose to paint my nails with OPI You’re Such A Budapest. This color is so pretty. It had been about 4 years since I got my nails done. The lady put scrub on my hands that looked like wasabi, hahaha. My hands feel wonderful now. I got the manicure because… I’M GOING TO DC NEXT WEEK. My school is taking the juniors and seniors to Washington, DC for a fun trip. I am so excited! I put a cute chart above for anyone also going on a trip and is in need of help packing! I need a checklist everytime I travel because I will forget everything. We are leaving Sunday. We are only allowed 1 bag under the bus and 1 on the bus. How is a girl to bring anything?? It will be in the teens next week which means I need to bring lots of layers, which will require more than 1 bag. How do you pack smart? With the above chart. I bought an extra blanket to bring with me on the bus incase it is cold. I also bought it cheap so that if it is lost or stolen, I won’t be to devastated. It is so soft! It is also my favorite color, purple! I got it from Target for those interested. Like I said, I am very excited. I’m trying to get most of my homework done before we leave so I don’t have to do it on the bus or when I get back. The day after we get back I have to take an ACT BootCamp. That will be loadsssss of fun(not).

I plan to post what I have on my carry on bag as well as what I pack for those of you interested, hopefully have a fashion post as well.

Have a good day! XX Corinne

What I’m Up To




Hey guys! I have been so busy in the past few days getting ready for finals coming up in the next week. A couple of days ago I ordered a poster from Etsy with the lyrics of Birdy’s song “Skinny Love”. I absolutely love this song! Oscar Daniel Dubstep Remix is probably the best remix I have heard in a long time. The poster sits right next to my bed and it looks so good!
The elephant is a Roget I worked on in art class last week, called a Batik. You draw a design on cotton fabric then you outline the design in wax. Dye is then used to color the design. Most designs I have found are natural scenes. I had a lot of fun making this project.
I love writing in my diary because it’s not really a diary. I can paint water colors, create collages, sketch drawing, write my feelings, anything. I’m not good at writing daily paragraph after paragraph. I would rather draw my thoughts. I encourage everyone of finding a way of getting thoughts out. My brain runs and runs and runs and putting my thoughts on paper helps me to sleep and get them out.
Who out there has a diary?
XX Corinne

The End Is Almost Here


I will be happy as this puppy on the last day!


Goodbye school


How I will leave the school on the last day.

The end of school is almost here! This year has been a terrible one. I can not wait to move on from this school next year and be a junior in high school next year. I have leaned many things this year:
1. Boys are dumb.
2. Some teachers will hate you so much for doing nothing wrong.
3. Sometimes hard work does not pay off.
4. Grades really don’t matter that much in the long-run. 20 years from now I won’t even remember high school.
5. My parents knew who my fake friends are faster than I did.
6. Math is not my thing. I will never get over a C. I’m cool with that.
7. It’s better to end on a good note than a bad one.
8. Life is unfair. You can do the work and get an A and another student can do nothing and get an A.
9. It’s better to stay out of gossip rather than make friends by gossiping.
10. It’s going to be alright.
11. Looks aren’t everything.
12. Get over yourself.
13. Don’t go back to friends if they don’t even notice you exist.
14. Dances aren’t going to be the best nights of your life.
15. There is a whole big, giant world outside of school. Even if you don’t have a lot of friends, it’s okay. You won’t know these people after high school or even after college.
XX Corinne

Gardens Of New Orleans

Today my Environmental Science AP class took a field trip to New Orleans to visit some gardens. We went to Longue Vue House and Gardens as well as the Botanical Gardens. It was so much fun! Of course I took a lot of pictures of flowers(mainly of my friends and me, oops). The gardens were absolutely beautiful! The Longue Vue House looked like a home straight out of a Jane Austin novel. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of the home but I got pictures of the flowers in the gardens. I defiantly recommend visiting the gardens in New Orleans because they are actually lovely! I had so much fun even though it was so cold! I can not wait to visit again.
XX Corinne

Me and my friends Esabel and Maddy

Me and my friends Esabel and Maddy

She is definitely model material

She is definitely model material

image image image

My friend took a photo of my taking a selfie

My friend took a photo of my taking a selfie

Maddy is a dancer obviously

Maddy is a dancer obviously

Fishy fishy

Fishy fishy

image image image image image image image

The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

There has been a very big enthusiasm at my school about this particular book. One of the English teachers assigned this book as the book that you read for this quarter. I had already read this book before hand. I, being an emotional reader, had already know from Wikipedia that Augustus dies(spoiler). Since it is the month of Valentines and this is a romantic novel I think it would be appropriate to give a recommendation on this book. It is an eye opening book about life after cancer. The couple doesn’t want to be pitied, especially by each other. The author, John Green, shows how a girl might feel when a cute guy likes you but you can’t see why. Hazel and Augustus bring out the good things about each other and heal each other as well. I loved this book and I recommend anyone to read it. XX Corinne