Dear Fat People Video Response

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An open letter to Nicole Arbour and her Youtube video ‘Dear Fat People’:

Dear Nicole Arbour,

You may never read this or anyone for that matter but I would like to tell you about myself. I am a 180 pound, 5’0 foot, gluten-free(not by choice), swim team coach, cheerleader, and healthyย young woman. I wear my health and fitness Misfit watch with pride. I also just finished a smoothie that contained: Kale(whole), charred leaves, beet root, 2 bananas, an apple, and blueberries. I got my daily dose of vegetables and fruits which I eat everyday. My question is: Am I Fat To You?

I have been bullied most of my life for my weight. I was the child that never quite lost all their baby fat. I was bigger than the other girls. I developed breasts before everyone else. I grew faster than everyone and people took notice. As you previously read I am 5’0 foot so all my fat is condensed into a short body and not spread out like yours. I don’t have the, what you Nicole may call, “luxury” of a tall body. Obviously my insecurity is my weight. I have no clue Nicole Arbour what your insecurity is but I know you have some. I can see it. You say in your video “I’m the one with all the bags”. Yes Nicole, You Do Have Bag(gages)s. With just your physical appearance alone I can tell you are trying to hide something. I won’t call you out like you call every “fat” person out. I will simply put it this way: At your age you should know by now that we all deal with something in our lives that we try to manage. You should be old enough to know that it is not right to bully people. You can have heart problems, diabetes, and many other health conditions at any weight, even if you’re skinny. You can “affect your health” no matter how you look. You may have a disease right now that even you don’t know about. You say in the video, “eat right and exercise” then tell the story about the airport in which you say,” I didn’t have enough time to get my Starbucks”. I hope you know that drinking that cup of sugar does nothing for your body. If you want to tell people to be healthy then you say that I drink Starbucks you basically are saying the opposite of what to do.

I have something to say that is my own bomb truth: Hair dye and fake nails destroy your hair and nails! You are literally destroying your body(I said this sarcastically).

BTW, I just have to say that you aren’t a natural blond so you can’t make blond jokes by saying that a blond has to give you this “information”.

Let me leave you with a few quotes:

“Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind”

“Be Kind. Be kind. Be kind.”

XX Corinne


October 1st


October is the month that officially starts fall for me. It is now time for cider, boots, and wind. I hope fall in Louisiana will be cool this year. Not freezing so that you can’t grip trick or treat candy, but cool enough to were you need a sweater and boots. I heard people up north already are wearing thick sweaters and jeans! My mom started buying pumpkins September 1st so you know we love fall. Fall is so magical. It isn’t cold cold like winter but it isn’t sweltering like summer. This summer has been particularly hot this year. It has sucked. I hate the heat. Shivering is better than sweating. Fall colors are gorgeous. The ground turns red, orange, yellow, and brown from the leaves. Fall is a comforting time of the year. I hate being scared so I leave the haunted houses to my friends but other than the scare factor I love fall.
I hope to get lots of Twix candy at Halloween! ๐Ÿ˜Š

What is your favorite part of Fall?
XX Corinne

Life Of A Lifeguard


Like everyone who has a job instead of a career, I sometimes absolutely hate my job. I would much rather be sketching or reading about fashion instead of either sitting in the heat or sitting in the rain. Every job comes with things we don’t like. Being a lifeguard means:
Fighting for the chair with other lifeguards.
Losing your temper.
Miss communication with the patrons as well as other staff.
Having nosy staff members try to find mistakes in your department.
Going home with a headache.
Getting underpaid.
The stress of the potential that someone may become in distress.
Being a lifeguard at a pool gets a bad rap because people think that all lifeguards don’t pay attention. Well, I’m here to say that that’s not true.
There are also good things about my job:
You do eventually get paid.
You meet new people.
You can help people.
You meet people who may become your new best friend who also works there.
You get into the real world and see what it is like.
Like I said, I would rather be making art or designing but I could not see myself do any other job right now to make money. Standing for 5 hours is not my ideal day but it is awesome to hear people say, “Man you got tan”.
What is a job you did in high school?
XX Corinne

Highlights In Your Hair


It’s no wonder what the sun does to your body in summer:
Highlights appear in your hair
Your skin darkens or turns red
More brown spots appear
Some people that I know put lemon juice in their hair to get the same effect as they would if they sat out in the sun all day in summer. The lemons may turn your hair to straw though.
My parents are always the type of parents to say no to changing your body in anyway except by exercising which means I was never allowed to:
Dye my hair
Get a second piercing in my ear
Get colored extensions
Now while some people may not think that these are terrible things to get or do, my parent did. As the older I have gotten the more I see they were right. I see kids my age getting their hair dyed and have it come out awful. Extensions that are neon colored was cute when you were a preteen but at our age, you just look silly. I still want my second piercing but that will have to wait until I’m out of the house. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I love and hate the summer.
โ˜€๏ธ I hate the sun because it only burns my nose which is a very sensitive place to burn.
I love summer because highlights always appear in my hair naturally. I don’t have to go to the salon and have the possibility that they don’t look right.
What is your favorite thing about summer?
XX Corinne




Rihanna bared all at the CFDA Awards- literally. Boy does the woman have guts! Is that dress even legal?
Rihanna has just shown the world that she is comfortable in her body and she does not care what anyone thinks. I would love to go to the CFDA awards and see in person all the creative dresses.
Fashion has evolved from barely showing anything to showing all. I wonder what people from the Renaissance age think about our clothes today. They would probably die again if they saw this dress.
I love the “ideas” behind this dress. The Roaring 20’s look, the glitz and glam, showing that you don’t care about others thoughts, etc. But that isn’t to say I would wear that dress. I’m really glad she wore underwear. These are the most covered up pictures I could find of the dress. Go on the internet and you will find pictures that will-err- shock you maybe. Not going to lie, she looked gorgeous. Everyone is saying that this is groundbreaking in fashion, and it is. I have never seen anyone wear a dress of that style and show everything.
The only problem is that this is where kids get their idea of what is okay to wear in society. Children now think that it is okay to dress like an adult who is always in the spot light. They think that it is okay to go around exposing yourself- especially to men. It’s good to feel confident at a young age but the children of this generation and the one to come know and show more than any other. That’s a problem because kids aren’t kids and it is because of a false society that says it is okay to dress like this.
(How this post became about kids and society, I don’t know.)
Back to the point, I love the concept of the dress which is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your body.
My question is, would you wear it?
XX Corinne

The Dread


As a girl I know the dread of buying a new bathing suit. One bathing suit fits to big or to small. The top won’t cover enough. The bottom is to baggy. Ugh, the torture of just stepping out of the car and knowing you won’t find the right one. The mirrors in the dressing room don’t make you look any better either. You either have to pay to much just for it to fit or to little and it’s gone in one month. Our body image affects everything we do. How we hold our selves, what we buy, what we say. Self confidence is the one thing most females struggle with. Most of us have had a meat head come up to us and say something about our body. But honestly there comes a point in your life when you have to stop caring about what someone says. Our body is what most of our life revolves around as a woman. Our body determines whether we get a job, if our favorite top will fit us, or if our crush will date us. Society is the most controversial thing. It says love your body but only if you look a certain way.
I’ve learned one thing in life: If you feel beautiful then you are beautiful. All you can really do is eat healthy(most of the time ๐Ÿ˜‰), workout, and pick clothes that flatter your figure. You can’t change the way you were born. It is my opinion that God didn’t find anything wrong with you when he made you.
XX Corinne

The Beauty


For my final exam for my AP exam I can write a paper about religion vs. nature. And this is some of what I have to say on the matter
The beauty of life is very extraordinary. Not everyone can see the beauty in life. As humans we have a responsibility to protect nature. If you have a religious indication then you may know that God made the land before he made man. We are here to protect the creatures and the plants. We also have the right to move forward in technology but to what extent does that go to? Why do we as humans stomp around because we are the most powerful? If there was a more powerful force in the world besides us we would be in natures place. We would be praying to be saved and protected. We don’t teach our kids to protect nature. If you plant a seed of knowledge in the fertile mind of a child you will grow a tree of knowledge because after all “knowledge is power”. Children of this generation can either make us or break us. Our children and our children’s children will have to fend for themselves because our generation only thought of greed and products. Yes, material is out there to make a profit but is that profit always worth it? We have the resources to be ecofriendly but all we see is the expense. What about the expense when there are no resources?
I could talk about this issue for a long time. What are your thoughts on religion vs. nature?
XX Corinne

What I’m Up To




Hey guys! I have been so busy in the past few days getting ready for finals coming up in the next week. A couple of days ago I ordered a poster from Etsy with the lyrics of Birdy’s song “Skinny Love”. I absolutely love this song! Oscar Daniel Dubstep Remix is probably the best remix I have heard in a long time. The poster sits right next to my bed and it looks so good!
The elephant is a Roget I worked on in art class last week, called a Batik. You draw a design on cotton fabric then you outline the design in wax. Dye is then used to color the design. Most designs I have found are natural scenes. I had a lot of fun making this project.
I love writing in my diary because it’s not really a diary. I can paint water colors, create collages, sketch drawing, write my feelings, anything. I’m not good at writing daily paragraph after paragraph. I would rather draw my thoughts. I encourage everyone of finding a way of getting thoughts out. My brain runs and runs and runs and putting my thoughts on paper helps me to sleep and get them out.
Who out there has a diary?
XX Corinne

The End Is Almost Here


I will be happy as this puppy on the last day!


Goodbye school


How I will leave the school on the last day.

The end of school is almost here! This year has been a terrible one. I can not wait to move on from this school next year and be a junior in high school next year. I have leaned many things this year:
1. Boys are dumb.
2. Some teachers will hate you so much for doing nothing wrong.
3. Sometimes hard work does not pay off.
4. Grades really don’t matter that much in the long-run. 20 years from now I won’t even remember high school.
5. My parents knew who my fake friends are faster than I did.
6. Math is not my thing. I will never get over a C. I’m cool with that.
7. It’s better to end on a good note than a bad one.
8. Life is unfair. You can do the work and get an A and another student can do nothing and get an A.
9. It’s better to stay out of gossip rather than make friends by gossiping.
10. It’s going to be alright.
11. Looks aren’t everything.
12. Get over yourself.
13. Don’t go back to friends if they don’t even notice you exist.
14. Dances aren’t going to be the best nights of your life.
15. There is a whole big, giant world outside of school. Even if you don’t have a lot of friends, it’s okay. You won’t know these people after high school or even after college.
XX Corinne

Waiting For Lana


Probably one of coolest artist right now now has got to be Lana Del Rey. Her music is so different from the music that is popular right now. Everyone is infatuated by One Direction, 5SOS, Justin Bieber, etc. But I have got to say I love Lana. Her song Blue Jeans is so fresh and indie sounding. I was excited to hear her song in Great Gatsby and has become one of my flavor item movies. I think it’s time for music to stray back to the indie music. I hope Alanna comes to New Orleans again this year. Singers like Birdie, Lorde, and Lana are all about different. I also think girls should look up to females like them. A lot of young girls have people like Miley Cyrus to look up to but I must say role models like this just don’t cut it. These types of role models just aren’t real. While Miley is cool, I just don’t think she is model material. Who do you think is a new and fresh artist out there?
XX Corinne