St. Francisville, LA Weekend Getaway: 4/8-9/17

*** Plantation homes for dayyys: The Myrtles and Greenwood Plantation, complete with a haunted mirror and hotel cats***

XX Corinne


Recent New York Trip

Recently I went to New York for the first time for school as our senior trip. Honestly, I have always wanted to go to New York. I love the idea of fast moving paced people, fashion glamour, exposed brick studio apartments, soft lit art galleries, $1 slice pizza, Broadway, and ’20s architecture. You can find that here in New Orleans but the experience isn’t as intense. I was not disappointed. Our hotel was in the business district which was quite dreary- although the young men in nice suits livened things up. Times Square was a quick 15-20 minute walk from our hotel, which was right next to Grand Central Station. I did not bring my good camera because I was afraid I wouldn’t get through security at the airport easy enough. This was my first time on an airplane so I was very nervous, especially about my motion sickness. On our way there I threw up in my seat on the plane and in my seat on the car ride to the hotel- not my best moments. On our way home I took sleeping medicine so no hiccups there- except our chaperone kept trying to make conversation on the way home. We saw School of Rock on Broadway; great musical except for all the cursing coming from young children. MOMA was my favorite tourist experience, some of my favorite pieces of art are down below. I don’t have many pictures of Times Square- mostly because I was so overwhelmed with everything. Times Square is SO big. China Town and Little Italy offered a lot of raw street art. Dylan’s Candy Store and Serendipity definitely  satisfied my sweet tooth. When you get tired of $1 slice pizza there is always Juice Generation with fresh smoothies.

Do I see New York in my future? Maybe. 😉

XX Corinne

Carry On Bag

DC Makeup 037 DC Makeup 038 DC Makeup 039

As I promised: My carry on bag. To and from Washington, DC we took a bus which, let me just say, sucked. It is very uncomfortable to try to sleep on a bus even if you are only 5 feet tall. You don’t know where to put your legs, the seat belt buckle leaves bruises, and you get very nauseous- NOT to mention that the bus ride was over 15 hours. I was not a happy camper. My best advice to pack multiple pillows. Don’t drink anything before you get on the bus because you WILL need to pee and trust me when I say that the bathroom on the bus moves under you when you sit down. If you aren’t used to your toilet moving under you then it is very hard to pee.

Anyway, this is what I packed:
Snacks– Pretzels, Starburst, Dried Fruit, and JellyBeans
Socks– Incase your feet get cold
Keys– Always have your keys incase of emergency
Sunglasses– I didn’t really need these
Wallet– Why wouldn’t you bring your wallet? While I’m on the subject bring your ID such as your licence, credit card, and some cash.
Toiletries– Face soap, washcloth, Chapstick, bandaids, makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste
Phone, iPad, Laptop– You get bored
Chargers– Phone, iPad, Laptop
Camera– Charger, Lens Cap, usb
Headphones– You need these bad
Notebook, Pencil, Magazine– For when you get bored of the internet

I should have packed lighter. Did I need the magazine? No. Did I need the sunglasses? No. Did I need the usb, laptop, and socks? Not really. Take it from me: Pack light.

My next post will be all the things we did on the trip. I advise everyone to take this trip at least once in their lifetime. I had so much fun and am so excited to share my experience with you!

Happy traveling! XX Corinne