Things Get In The Way…

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

My sister and her friend at their last swim meet of the season.

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Go YMCA Tiger Sharks!

Yup... I'm doing cheer.

Yup… I’m doing cheer.

My business card for ETSY

My business card for ETSY

My latest painting... This was a monster to make.

My latest painting… This was a monster to make.

Things get in the way of things. You can’t get away from life when it smacks you in the face. Yes, I didn’t finish my daily photo challenge. The mom on the show The Middle is basically me… I can’t finish somethings I start. Things in my life got in the way(hint: the photos at the top). The swim team I coach for started their spring/fall season, I got wrapped up in my summer day job besides coaching, I got excited for cheer at my school, I started my Etsy store, I got on E-Board on student council as artist and got all my paintings on there, created a monster painting which I will talk about later, and started senior year of highschool.

Life got out of hand( reference to my painting collection that I m currently working on). I created a collection of paintings that I named “Helping Hands”. You can find me on Etsy and Instagram in the above picture. I am very excited for this collection. It is a way for me to show relationships between hands. Some paintings are social statements while others are just things I created out of joy. The above painting ins’t on my store because I’m not ready to let it go into the world. It’s my baby that I created.

This is a poem that I started to write that I thought I would share and leave this blog post on a… funny note:

Only A Flower

by Corinne Roe

Only a flower with a yellow center

Surrounded with white petals

Laid on the dirty ground.

It sat there, wilting.

It was left by the girl

Who had been sitting on the lonely bench.

She had picked the flower

When she was walking,

Thinking about how the long day had gone.

She remembered the boys teasing her

About the way she looked.

Thoughts about how she looked

Filled her mind all day.

“Am I beautiful?”

This question echoed in her mind, rattling her thoughts.

“Why am I not enough?”

She fretted and pined till her mind was strung out.

The girl looked down at the flower.

It was beautiful to her.

Across the park she saw

A group of boys stomping on the flowers.

She realized something…

Boys are dumb.

She d




                                   s the flower.

XX Corinne


2 thoughts on “Things Get In The Way…

  1. Jom Ladan says:

    Hahaha, I like the ending of your poem. You can also follow if you want to see more quotes/prose/poems. Anyway, the ending of your poem rocks. Maybe some people just don’t know how to appreciate.

    • corinneaboo says:

      Thank you! I am taking a poetry class at school and I’m really getting into it! We were suppose to reference the myth Echo and Narcissist in some way so I was just playing around. Thank you for your comment!

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